Finding solution for Bengaluru traffic

Mobility expert Ashish Verma addresses the crowd. DH photo

Traffic in Bengaluru is the second slowest in the country, after Kolkata. With 79 lakh vehicles plying on roads meant for just 15 lakh, the city is choking.

Citizens for Civic Amenities organised by Deccan Herald for a discussion on the city's traffic woes at the Chancery Pavilion on Saturday. The discussion mainly focused on the reasons and solution for the existing traffic chaos.

The prevailing condition is very heartbreaking that the commuters skip buses the moment they can afford two-wheelers and cars. Also, there are just 4,600 officers in the city’s 44 traffic police stations, 662 short of the sanctioned strength of 5,262, says reports.

The event was attended by well-known panellists Ashish Verma, Mobility Expert (IIsc), B Basavaaraju IAS (Principal Secretary, Transport department), B Basavaaraju IAS (Transport Department), P Harishekharan IPS ( Bengaluru City Police) and Vinay Srinivasa, Advocate (Citizen activity for Mobility).

One of the Panelists Vinay Srinivasa shared data on vehicles in Bengaluru. "We went from 50 lakh vehicles to 75 lakh in a span of 5 years. In the same period (2013-2018), our BMTC bus fleet expanded by just 50", says Srinivasa.

He also added that the Lack of planning has resulted in the present traffic situation in the city because the planning of residential sectors are not done properly while creating IT & BT sectors. This has led to clogging of roads during morning and evening peak hours in the city. Transport principal secretary B Basavaraju says more coordination is the key to tackling transport issues.

Daily commuter Rajashekhar said that the city's infrastructure is good, but for technology to provide solutions, behavioural changes are needed from both city and citizens.
The city needs to be introduced of 100 new feeder midi buses can help ease traffic. 


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