JSW may not get access to Kanteerava Stadium

JSW may not get access to Kanteerava Stadium

The JSW Group owns the Bengaluru Football Club which plays its homes matches at the Kanteerava Stadium (in the picture). DH PHOTO

The High Court of Karnataka has indicated that it would restrain JSW from using the Kanteerava stadium.

Citing a Supreme Court order, which says government properties cannot be parted without public notice and bidding, the court said the process was not followed in allowing JSW to use the stadium for promoting football. It sought responses from the government and JSW.

The court heard a petition filed by Arjuna awardee Ashwini Nachappa and 49 other coaches and athletes questioning the government's decision to allow a private club to hold football matches on the track and field area of the Kanteerava outdoor stadium.

The petitioners said the stadium's track and field area has been built solely for athletics. Despite having the Karnataka State Football Association Stadium, JSW was using Kanteerava stadium for football in the guise of promoting FIFA Under-17 World Cup.