Coming soon: Trilogy by Sudha Murty on her pet dog Gopi

Coming soon: Trilogy by Sudha Murty on her pet dog Gopi

Of canine love

The books will talk about Gopi, whom Sudha Murty describes as "the joy of my life". TWITTER

Sudha Murty, the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, will come up with a three-book series of simple stories told from a dog’s perspective that talk of basic values.

HarperCollins India has acquired the rights to publish ‘The Gopi Diaries’.

Told in Gopi’s voice, the first book begins with Gopi coming home, and tells the story of how he settles down with his loving, human family.

How Gopi sees the world around him and what he thinks of the people in his life give the story a truly unique flavour, the publishers said.

Talking about the series, Sudha says: “This is my first book with HarperCollins. It is also my first book for youngsters, particularly those children who love animals. It is about my dog Gopi, who is the joy of my life.”

Tina Narang, children’s publisher at HarperCollins who acquired the series, says, “Children will love the ‘The Gopi Diaries’. Mrs Murty writes from her heart, and when the subject is as close to her heart as Gopi is, the stories are bound to be as charming as it gets.”

Sudha has been a prolific writer in English and Kannada and has penned novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and non-fiction pieces, and eight bestselling books for children.