Denied golden hour medical care, macaque dies

Denied golden hour medical care, macaque dies

A bonnet macaque succumbed to injuries on Tuesday after it was mowed down by a speeding car on the busy Outer Ring Road near Kaadubeesanahalli.

The poor primate was denied the crucial ‘golden hour’ medical attention. A lack of awareness among people on whom to contact in such a scenario, added to the misery of the injured animal.

According to those who were present at the scene, if there had been quick medical care, the macaque would have been alive.  

The macaque was battling for life for over three hours alongside the busy road. Nobody seemed to know where to take the macaque for treatment. It bled profusely after having suffered severe head injuries.

When the BBMP wildlife rescuers failed to respond in time, the passersby provided cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and water to the animal. Later, after locating a nearby veterinary clinic, the macaque was rushed there where it succumbed to the injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, a speeding car hit the macaque on the Outer Ring Road at around 4:00 pm. “The car did not stop and sped away from the scene. Soon after, passersby stopped and tried to feed the animal with water and gave CPR,” said Gautham, a passerby.

As the gathered people attended to the macaque, a few others dialed BBMP’s wildlife rescuers and animal welfare groups requesting emergency medical help or an ambulance. But, with no sign of help even after an hour, the passersby searched on the internet for veterinary clinics nearby.

Shiva, a cab driver, and students, Goutham and Nikhil, later rushed the macaque to a nearby veterinary clinic.

Dr V M Nanjundappa, the veterinarian at the clinic, put the monkey in the ventilator. Battling for life for over two hours, at around 7.00 pm, the macaque succumbed to injuries. The duo, who rushed the macaque to the clinic, buried the animal nearby.