Don’t fall for BJP’s pledges: Jethmalani

Don’t fall for BJP’s pledges: Jethmalani

Former Union minister and senior advocate Ram Jethmalani accused the BJP of playing the politics of lies. He urged people to reject the BJP and put an end to the falsehoods of the Union government.

Speaking at the ‘Meet the Press’ programme at the Press Club of Bangalore, Jethmalani said: “Modi had come to me and had praised my fight against corruption, and I trusted him. Because of this, I helped them from 2008 until my expulsion from the party; I even drew up their manifesto, which was a mirror of change and development.”

Jethmalani said both the Congress and the BJP had failed to respond to his request to get the list of 1,400 accounts in the Swiss Bank. “They failed me because they have vested interests,” he added.

Jethmalani released a charter of 18 charges against Modi and said he would be filing a case against him. “People should be wary of the promises made by the Modi government, and North India is already suffering because of trusting him.”

Jethmalani urged voters not to fall for such promises. Voters should cast their ballot not on the basis of religious ideology, he said.