Top audit official impressed by clean Namma Metro

Top audit official impressed by clean Namma Metro

Namma Metro

A team of officials headed by the director general of Commercial Audit and ex officio member, Audit Board, Hyderabad, L Pochhawlg, travelled by Namma Metro on Sunday afternoon.

The exercise was done to take stock of the ground reality, the metro tracks, the train, the service and the staff. This was the first tour of the director and his team by Namma Metro. They travelled from Majestic to Baiyappanahalli and back. 

According to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited officials, Pochhawlg and his team have been in the city since Friday. They have been holding a series of meetings with officials regarding audit and other details.

On Sunday, Pochhawlg, along with his team and family members, inspected the Operation Control Centre in the train and at prime stations. They interacted with the BMRCL staff. Pochhawlg closely examined and made note of all the operations. The team members even entered the pilot’s chamber to see the operations and other details, when the train was on the move. 

The BMRCL staff maintained that Pochhawlg was pleased with the experience. “He is the first director to travel on board the train. He said that it was well-maintained, clean and good. He said it reminded him of Malaysia. However, the complete report will only be known at a later stage,” an official said. 

Pochhawlg and his team chose the train and the coach that was less crowded.