CAA will pass constitutional validity test: Surya

CAA will pass constitutional validity test: Surya

MP Tejasvi Surya. (DH Photo)

Clearing the apprehensions over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Parliamentarian from Bangalore South Tejasvi Surya on Friday asserted that it will pass the constitutional validity test of the Apex court amidst nationwide protests by the ‘misinformed and misled’ people.

Taking part in a programme ‘CAA 2019-Propaganda vs Myth’ organised by Bengaluru based Advocates for Nation in Bengaluru, Surya addressed a gathering of advocates and general public, Surya argued that the CAA does not take away the rights of anybody as it has been conveyed by some, but it will only grant citizenship to a few who have been persecuted elsewhere on religious grounds.

Recalling contexts from the history based on which the amendment was passed in Parliament recently Surya said, “The objective sought to be achieved is providing citizenship to religiously persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who have migrated to India before 31 December 2014.”

Condoling what has happened in Mangaluru Surya said, “People have been misinformed and mislead about the Act. Neither does the Act takes away the rights of any citizens of India nor does it forbid anybody from seeking Citizenship or asylum in India. It is, as the responsible citizens of India, all our duty to create awareness among the general public and help clear misconception that has been systematically spread by a few.” Hitting out strongly against top political leaders leading the protests Surya said, “These so-called champions or vanguards of Minorities’ rights are either devoid of the Constitutional Law or merely playing cheap politics. As per Article 5 of the Constitution Parliament is supreme in deciding on the Citizenship issue.”

Referring to NRC, Surya said, “Whether the person is a Hindu from Bangalore or a Muslim from Kerala, both will have to follow the same procedure under the NRC. There will be no discrimination. The procedures for the nationwide NRC are still being worked out. And when it is not yet worked out, why is there a fear that a Muslim alone will be targeted and asked to provide documents of his citizenship?"

 Pointing to constitutional laws Justice Subhash Adi, Upa Lokayukta who was the chief guest at the event said, “As the Supreme Court is hearing bunch of petitions pertaining to the Act and the matter is subjudice, there is no scope for the protests. We have to wait until the SC decides on it.”