COVID-19: Fire safety while working from home

COVID-19: Fire safety while working from home

 Representative image. (Credit: Pixabay)

Since many offices have given the ‘work from home’ option to their employees, the citizens-led fire safety initiative, Beyond Carlton has reactivated its #iamFireSafe campaign. The objective: To get citizens to utilise their time to check if their home or apartments are fire safe.

The campaign is to create awareness on how one can be a fire champion and make a valuable contribution to the community by preventing fire accidents. As part of the #iamafiresafe campaign, citizens have to send a write-up and a picture.

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They can share what action they have taken to make their home fire safe in their time of work from home — whether they did a safety check/fixed an expired extinguisher/fixed old frayed electrical wiring/opened a blocked fire exit/cleared an electrical shaft from garbage and so on. The picture and write-up could be mailed to

The write-up can be in English, Hindi or any other language. “We noticed that many of us are locked into our homes because of coronavirus. We felt with time on hand at our homes it was possibly the right time to get citizens to check basic fire safety protection in their homes,” Beyond Carlton founder Uday Vijayan explained.