Mild tremors shake life's big foundation

Kamalanagar building collapse: When mild tremors shook life's big foundation

Where the building once stood now lie rubble, slush and tattered possessions that were very dear to their owners

Residents at the site of what was once their home in Kamalanagar, Bengaluru. Credit: DH Photo

Residents of the Kamalanagar building that tilted on October 12 and was subsequently demolished now find their lives in tatters. 

It was 10’o clock on that rainy night when tremors shook the three-storey building in northern Bengaluru. Their first concern was to save their lives. So they ran out, never to return. 

Municipal authorities determined that the building was too dangerous for human habituation, barred everyone from going inside and cordoned off the area. The building was pulled down the next afternoon. 

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“When the building shook, we had no idea that the very foundation of our lives will be crumbling. A lifetime’s savings have been reduced to dust,” the residents chorused. 

Where the building once stood now lie rubble, slush and tattered possessions that were very dear to their owners. 

Residents have been desperately scouring the rubble to salvage whatever belongings they could come across. Anguish, desperation and helplessness are writs large on their faces. 

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Dhanalakshmi is happy to have saved her children but she’s also pained to see the damaged television, washing machine and refrigerator, things her family had bought after saving up for years. 

A BBMP excavator is helping the residents retrieve the valuables while police are guarding the place so that miscreants don’t take advantage of the situation. 

The affected families are staying with relatives although the government has provided their temporary shelter at a school. 

Minister and local MLA, K Gopalaiah, said that using his own money, he had paid Rs 1 lakh to the affected families and Rs 15,000 to owners of four surrounding houses that suffered damage. The government is also evaluating how much it could pay, he added. 

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