Duchess Camilla Parker arrives in City

Duchess Camilla Parker arrives in City

Duchess Camilla Parker arrives in City

The Duchess is expected to stay at the centre for four days to undergo holistic treatment.

Besides Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapies, the 63-year-old will also get to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. She will be served South Indian satvic food including ragi puttu, dosa, idli and dishes from Kerala. 

The royal family is always accompanied by their cook, but this time the princess will taste the Indian cuisine.

The princess is most likely to stay at the Presidential Suite which has three bedrooms, a fruit garden, a private garden, an open air shower and lotus pond.

Duchess is here as she and her husband, Prince Charles have been invited by the Government for the inauguration of the Commonwealth Games. After a four-day stay at the centre, she will join her husband in New Delhi, according to sources.

Preparation for the royal visit was on as the Scotland Yard police did a recce at Soukya, inspecting the staff.  They will be completely in charge of the Duchess's security during her stay here.

The City police have also been briefed about the royal visit though they will be part of the VVIP's immediate security.

Isaac Mathai, who runs Soukya is well known to the British royal family and he has been advising Prince's second wife on her health issues. 

According to Mary, spokesperson of Soukya, Camilla learnt about this centre through her friends circle and finally arrived here.