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Lack of civic sense


It is appalling to see many passengers in buses and four-wheelers have a bad habit of spitting out through windows. Spitting in public places itself is bad, but these people make it worse by doing so from a moving vehicle. They don’t even look who’s there below them. As a consequence, hapless pedestrians suffer.

Varun B Shankar

Acts of Shame


The DH news on BSY Govt being reduced to minority and the MLAs being hurdled together at known / unknown locations shows the pathetic condition of our  democracy. Our democracy should not be shown such cheap treatment by any political party.

The leaders lack leadership qualities and have become autocratic. BSY claims that he can denotify & allot lands to his relatives because other CM’s have done so in the past. Is this “the part with a difference?”

U N Bhat

Rahul loses his cool


By his balanced views and progressive ideas, Rahul Gandhi had, in the recent past, impressed every one as a mature politician capable of leading the resurgent, modern
India. But by his latest intemperate remarks comparing the RSS with SIMI he has dashed all such hopes proving himself to be an average opportunistic politician playing vote bank politics.

Every one knows about the dedicated services of the RSS volunteers to the victims of national disasters like earthquakes, floods, Tsunami and hurricanes in different parts of
India in the past.

Even the worst enemies of RSS cannot accuse the organization of indulging in anti national activities. Whereas, SIMI is known to be infiltrated with the agents of ISI, as admitted by the government run by his own party.

Vijay Mohan

BWSSB and Loss of Water

Sir, the news report on loss of revenue to the Water Supply Board (DH, Oct 6) requires further probing as to the percentages given by the Board on the water being considered non-revenue. The Board does not give the figure of the huge quantity of water sold through several thousand tankers, being sold by the Board and its officials at certain outlets in connivance with the water tanker mafia in the city.

This water should have reached the residents, who have legitimate pipeline connections and who have paid to the Board huge sums as deposits, for regular water supply. This conspiracy requires investigation, as both the citizen as well as the Board, are being duped by ' Water Mafia'.

Perhaps, the Lokayukta will be the only succor to the embattled citizens, to get their water supply through a proper system from the corrupt officials.

Gilbert D’Souza
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore - 76

Pak’s best kept secret

Sir, this is with reference to ‘Mush reveals Pak’s best kept secret’ (DH, Oct 6).
Former military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf’s confession of creating terror units for waging proxy war in Kashmir is not taken by surprise. India’s stand is now vindicated. For a decade Musharraf has taken US for a ride demanding military and financial aid to fight terrorism. It would be interesting to watch US reactions and ramifications for misusing its aid against India. It is likely that double faced Pakistan would have extended similar training to terrorist outfits like Al Qaeda, LeT, and Taliban in the NWFP and FATA region to fight against the NATO forces. The remedy lies in dragging Musharraf for aiding and abetting global terrorism in the International Court at Hague.

Deepak Chikramane

Indian contribution to Einstein’s Gravitational  Wave Chase

this has reference to the article regarding Raman Research  Institute,  Bangalore (DH, Sep 29) signing a memorandum of understanding on behalf of  Indian consortium with their Austalian counterparts for setting  up of a gravitational wave detector in Australia.  It may be noted that almost 15 years back University of Western Australia (UWA) was  looking for collaborators to set up an Australian  Gravitational Wave Detector (AIGO) and approached RR Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT) at  Indore  for support. UWA had suggested  that RRCAT should take up the design of the ultra high vacuum system for this  facility as the first step, due to their expertise in this field.
The  whole collaboration with  RRCAT, however, came  to  an  abrupt  halt  after  the  Australian government severely  criticised India  for  carrying out  the nuclear tests in 1998. It may not be out of  place to mention that Australia has also refused to supply uranium for use in our  nuclear power reactors.
In view  of  this consistently  critical attitude of Australian government towards our scientific programs  I feel it may not  be worthwhile  to participate or contribute either  scientifically or  financially to the development of  the Australian detector.  

A.S, Raja Rao
Vysya  Bank  Colony                                                                     
Bangalore -78

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