Roemer dimisses outsourcing issue as 'insignificant footnotes'

Roemer dimisses outsourcing issue as 'insignificant footnotes'

"There are small disagreements between India and the US. They are like insignificant footnotes in a book on the indispensable partnership in the 21st Century (between the two countries)," US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer told Times Now in an interview.
He pointed out that over the years trade between India and the US has increased significantly and New Delhi is set to become Washington's top trading partners in the near future.

Roemer also chose to downplay Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's announcement of a ban on outsourcing terming it as a statement made in an election year.He said similar attempts were made earlier but had "virtually no impact" on trade relations with India.

Asked about reports of a swap deal offered by President Barack Obama to India linking US support for a permanent UN seat with the resolution of the Kashmir issue, Roemer said the President has termed Kashmir as a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan.
"Kashmir is an internal issue for India to deal with. In fact, the President has said with regard to India-Pakistan talks that this is (a) bilateral matter for India and Pakistan to deal with," Roemer said.

On the progress in Pakistan on the Mumbai attack case, the American envoy said that the US would like to see results in the matter.

"US is uncomfortable with a fragile Pakistan, so does India. India will grow more economically, as Prime Minister Singh says, with a stable Pakistan.

"We just heard about Afghanistan and our common interests in independent, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. So, we are working more together not only just practically on defence sales but exchanging technologies (so) that India can defend itself in the Indian ocean," Roemer said