Karnataka opposes Sibal's education reforms plans

"The need of the hour is to discuss what content should be taught to students. We are not opposed to reforms. But it should not be done unilaterally," Karnataka Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri, told reporters.
Maintaining that the state was not opposed to reforms brought in after a healthy nationwide debate, the minister said, "Currently, the syllabus centres around imparting literacy aimed at getting jobs and there were hardly any inputs that elevate the intellectual standards in education."
Kageri disagreed with Sibal on plans to create a single school board and asserted that "we find utility of SSLC Board in our state".
It was not right to decide on doing away exams at SSLC (tenth standard) level, he said adding, "if students have fear of exam, efforts should be made to instill confidence in them and not do away the exams itself".
"If there are lacunae in the examination system, steps should be taken to rectify them," he stressed.

Stating that 'uniformity' could not be implemented across the country, he stressed on the need for drawing up a curriculum that enhances the intellectual level of students.
"Even after 60 years of Independence, we are still getting education that teaches slavery. Centre should look into the National Curriculum Framework drafted during 2005 to bring in changes," he said.
"I don't want education sector to suffer from stagnation, but the Centre cannot impose its decisions," he added.
The state minister said that he would soon call on Sibal to discuss these issues.

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