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Last Updated 10 October 2010, 11:41 IST

As you step inside Kiwi Kiss at the beginning of Church Street, you are welcomed by a sight of colourfully painted walls and tables. The ambience is very young and chic but what is surely to catch your attention are the numerous vessels filled with a variety of fresh fruits and nuts which add flavour to your visit here.

The joint is a boon for people who have a sweet tooth but want to avoid those extra calories, but not at the expense of their taste buds.

It serves fro-yo, otherwise known as frozen yogurt which is great for health and delicious at the same time. This probiotic yogurt is full of good bacteria which is great for the health.

Made from slim milk, yogurt and sugar, the fro-yo comes in four different flavours – original, kiwi, strawberry and chocolate. “Frozen yogurt is a very addictive product. And in most cases either you love it when you taste it for the first time, or just hate it,” says Jaypal Concessao, the business head of Kiwi Kiss.

But you don’t have to pay through your nose to make up your mind about the item since you can go for a free sample before you select your favourite one.

While the original flavour has a distinct milky composition, the fro-yo is best had in a fruity flavour. The kiwi flavour sells the most and for right reasons. It has a slightly soured taste of kiwi which adds a distinct fruity flavour to the sweetened yogurt. The chocolate flavour has been especially introduced for the chocolate lovers in the City.

While here, also try out the parfait which is a beautiful combination of fro-yo, fruits and nuts.

You can choose from over 10 varieties of fruits like kiwi, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, blackberry, blueberry, peach, strawberry, mixed fruit and raspberry. There are six variety of nuts which include cashewnut, raisins, almonds, walnut, fig and dates.

A parfait is an excellent source of calcium and also acts as a wonderful energy booster.
The place also serves Belgian waffles which sells most in the morning and is perfect for the people who like heavy breakfast.

Oozing with freshness, they are served with maple syrup or a topping of your favourite fruit. The other items available at this outlet are milkshakes, iced-tea and fruitbowl.
So for those who have not gotten on to the frozen yogurt bandwagon yet, do pay a visit to this sweet store and it will surely delight your senses.

Kiwi Kiss has another branch in Koramangala.

(Published 10 October 2010, 11:41 IST)

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