Cop! Not so Hip-Hop!

Cop! Not so Hip-Hop!

He hadn’t a thing to nail me down to, therefore a shot in the dark! “I got a wireless message you were on the mobile”. Quite likely my expression was impervious, while I waited for him to prove his point, he scratched his head, waved vaguely in the direction of a cop who was beyond the preview of my rear view mirror, whom I had supposedly passed. I remained quietly seated in my car, eventually relinquishing his enterprise,

“Okay hogi Madam”, like he were doing me a favour.

Sometimes cops are indulgent. On St John’s road at the lights where there is no free left turn, I was waiting. The cop looked at me, he waited a while, then using his discretionary skill signaled to me to move ahead and take the turn out of turn. I was bewildered at first, I hesitated, the cop looked curiously puzzled, faintly disbelieving that motorists were wont to follow traffic rules! I was by then sufficiently amused I got my green and moved on.

Turning right from after dropping mother at the Golf Club on my way to a cackle-party, I crossed the junction while the green was visibly on, yet the cop stopped me saying I had skipped the lights! I was furious, for one I hadn’t skipped, over six vehicle behind me were allowed to go, I cannot know when the green will turn amber, and if I’m at the intersection I cannot from sheer clinical correctness halt when the amber comes on.

I very patiently informed him of my thoughts on the matter. The constable went into an explanation that signal lights were unmanned modern contraptions to be obeyed! Like we hadn’t known that for decades! He insisted that the light was yellow and not amber!

The constable, his sub-inspector and I knew the gist of this exercise; it is their surreptitious way of collecting fines lurking behind dark roads and undefined corners! Cops about business! Just an after thought! Why not bushiness schools for cop? — A chapter on Fair Business Practices.

I had to deal with this my way, the sub-inspector stood stoic to charge me the fine, I pointed looked at his midriff protuberance, explaining there should be sincere policing rather than wickedly fining. He tried to suck in his breath and hold me in a debate as he did his belly, but we were both adamant. I stood my ground the belly refused to budge inward! “Okay hogi Madam,” said the purple faced sub-inspector breathless!