Additional entrance and exam fees returned

Additional entrance and exam fees returned

Speaking during the programme, tahsildar Krishnamurthy expressed regret over the serious disrespect that the current generation of students has for Humanities subjects. “Only if you study History completely can you build a great character.”

Humanities subjects help a person pass the various civil service examinations. “It is necessary to study the subjects to understand the ways of the world and also to improve one’s general knowledge. Students should give as much importance to these subjects as they give Science,” he said.

Students should keep ready the necessary caste or income proof certificates well in advance, he said.

“If everybody rushes at the eleventh hour, it will prove problematic both for the students and the officials in charge. Students should have in advance any kind of document that might be required to be attached with applications,” Krishnamurthy advised.

The Bangalore University had recently increased the fees for both entrance and examination. Since the Government withdrew the order, the students were refunded the additional fees collected.

Students’ unions had organised intense morchas and protests, forcing the Government to withdraw the order to increase the fees.

Principal of the College G Krishnamurthy, lecturers Raja Reddy, Shivakumar, Raghu and Manjunath of ABVP were among those present for the programme.