SUCI slams politicians

SUCI slams politicians

In a press release here, M Shashidhar, district secretary of SUCI, said in a pre-planned, calculated and conspiratorial way the BJP used the office of the Speaker in a most blatant and naked manner to illegally disqualify 16 MLAs to establish its ‘majority’ in the Assembly.

In an unprecedented and shocking manner the government physically obstructed the entry of not only the so called defectors but also of the leaders of the Congress and Janata Dal (Secular), the two major opposition parties in the State Assembly, for all the important event of the governance namely ‘the vote of confidence’ even by using brutal police force.

What is more, after having created conditions for provoking the elected representatives to frayed tempers and confusions, the Speaker finished the ‘kill’ in less than five minutes by declaring that the government has won the vote of confidence by voice vote.
He said the BJP has proved beyond any shade of doubt that it is indeed the party with a difference since even being reduced to a majority, by its own actions and misdeeds, it could pass the ‘acid test’ and cling to power!

In its greed for power the ruling BJP has dealt a death blow to whatever remained of democratic norms and practices in the country and exhibited how the bourgeois parliamentary system is reduced to a face; once being lauded as the ‘instrument of people’s will, today it is reduced to an ‘instrument of privilege’ in the hands of agents of the ruling capitalist class.

The State committee at the same time holds no brief for the behaviour of the opposition parties, particularly of the JD(S), which has drawn the contempt of the conscientious people of the State for the way in which their leaders indulged in horse trading and all sorts of unethical conduct to anyhow dethrone the BJP and ascend the government power, using the squabbles within the ruling party to their advantage.

All the three major political parties have contributed their mite in this high drama going on.

Ultimately it is a mockery of and assault on people’s right-whatever is remaining under the conditions of moribund capitalism.