Most seats in MIB, MTA go abegging

Most seats in MIB, MTA go abegging

Many colleges started offering these programmes as they are considered 'highly specialised and 'money-spinning' courses. Their sheen, however, appears to have worn out within a few years.

While the situation is worse in affiliated colleges, the Department of Commerce at Bangalore University too has failed to fill up all the seats in these courses. BU has 40 seats in MIB and 30 in MTA.

In all, just 14 students have opted for MTA among a total of 134 available at seats six colleges (including BU’s department) whereas a mere 31 went for MIB out of 346 seats available for grabs at seven colleges (including BU).

Bemoaning the situation, a senior professor opined that "it was bound to happen given that these were highly specialised courses".

"These courses do not have teachers at many colleges let alone students. Besides, many students applied for various courses simultaneously but they opted for M Com," he said.