Pinning hopes on HC verdict

Pinning hopes on HC verdict

Pinning hopes on HC verdict

Elated: Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa along with Cabinet ministers and other MLAs showing the victory sign after winning the vote of confidence in Assembly on Thursday. DH PHOTO

They argue that the BJP’s tally in the Assembly has come down from 123 to mere 106 and the Chief Minister has no moral right to continue in power. The configuration of the House might change after the court’s verdict.

They went to the extent of arguing that the floor test itself was unconstitutional. The Congress did not want the Chief Minister and his cabinet to take any important decisions or any files signed till the government proves majority in the House of 224.

Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah said the Chief Minister had failed to prove majority. In the House of 206, as many as 106 vote in favour of the motion. The number included one - independent and a nominated member.

KPCC working president D K Shivakumar argued that in the House of 224 MLAs the ruling party should have strength of at least 113. Whereas the BJP has only 106.

Considering the petitions pending before the court, Yeddyurappa was heading a minority government. It should not take any important decisions and the ministers should not sign any files.

JD(S) leaders termed the floor test as unconstitutional as seven ministers in the Cabinet withdrew their support expressing anger over corruption in the government. JD(S) floor leader H D Revanna said Yeddyurappa government created history by holding floor test twice in four days. All the mess because of partisan role of the Speaker, who arbitrarily disqualified 16 MLAs.

“Seven ministers in the cabinet have given clear verdict on the government’s function. What else does CM need to quit his chair?”, JD(S) deputy leader Bandeppa Kashempur questioned.

JD(S) MLA C S Putte Gowda, terming the floor test a farce, wondered that a day might come when Yeddyurappa proves his majority by reducing the strength of the House to 10 or 15. “We are not dejected. Our efforts are on to put an end to this rule and we will succeed”, he said.

Zameer Khan said his leader H D Kumaraswamy would definitely hit a sixer in the final match. “Today’s match is only a semi-final. Victory in the final is ours”, he said.