Guard aids burglar, both caught

Last Updated 17 October 2010, 17:09 IST

It was 7.45 on Sunday morning when Sumit, a doctor and resident, spotted an outsider Uday Singh roaming about in the premises. Sumit’s suspicion was aroused by Uday’s suspicious behaviour.

On inquiry, Singh said he was there to distribute newspapers without realising that none of the papers in the City had published their editions on Sunday as they were closed on account of Ayudha pooja on Saturday.

Noting the discrepancy in Singh’s reply, Sumit, helped by other residents made an effort to apprehend Singh.

However, he fled the premises when the residents chased him out. When the residents called out to Deepak, the security guard at the apartment, he did not make nay efforts to catch Uday Singh, even as he ran right through the open gate, in front of him.

Police custody

However, a few by standers caught Uday Singh and brought him back to the apartment, who was later handed over to the D J Halli police.

The security guard’s inaction to catch Uday Singh convinced the residents that he had been hand in glove with the thief, who has been stealing valuables like mobile phones, laptops, iPods over the past few months.

“I lost my laptop and cell phone three days ago. I was busy in the kitchen and had forgot to lock the main door. When I came back to the drawing room after ten minutes, I could not find my laptop and cell phone. We are sure that the security guard, who comes to clean the corridor has stolen them before passing them out with the help of Uday Singh,” said Anisha, a resident.

Also, residents recovered some receipts of gold ornaments from Uday. “Both Uday and Deepak are in police custody. The investigation is progressing,” the police said.

(Published 17 October 2010, 17:09 IST)

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