Oceanic crowd throng historic Madikeri Dasara

Oceanic crowd throng historic Madikeri Dasara

Musical shows add glitz to the festival

Oceanic crowd throng historic Madikeri Dasara

With the Dashamantapas bringing the Goddess Shakti to life, killing the demons who threatened the existence of good on earth, people bowed their heads in faith and devotion with the strong belief that goddess Durga will come alive in every age to kill the evil and reinstate righteousness in the society.

When the rains started lashing at 2.30 pm, the organisers were worried whether the ‘Shobhayathre’ can be held or not. Fortunately, very soon the clouds dispersed and sun came out to brighten the skies.

The ‘shobhayathre’ of the historic Madikeri Dasara began with the procession of Pete Sri Rama Mandira tableau from College road.

According to the tradition, the ‘Mantap’ of Sri Rama Mandira goes to the temples of the four Shakti Devathas, formally inaugurating the ‘Shobhayathre’.


Pete Sri Rama Mandira temple which has a history of 150 years, this year designed a mantap portraying Lord Krishna and Radha in Vrindavan. ‘Rakthabeejasura Samhara’ presented by the Kote Mariyamma temple ‘mantapa’ was appreciated by many. Kote Mahaganapathi temple presented ‘Ganapathi Shathamahishi and Thathvasura Vadhe’ in their mantapa.

Kodandarama temple presented ‘Ugranarasimha killing Hiranyakashipu’ from Vishnupurana. Dechuru Sri Rama Mandira presented ‘Purusha Mriga’ from Mahabharatha.
Dandina Mariamma temple presented ‘Madhukaitabhara Samhara’ from Sri Devi Mahathme purana. Kundurumotte Chauti Mariamma temple presented ‘Chamundeshwari killing Beejasura’ while Chaudeshwari temple presented ‘Trayamvike killing Bhandasura’ from Lalithopakhyana. Kanchi Kamakshi temple presented ‘Gajasura Samhara’ from Ganesha Purana along with Karavale Bhagavathi temple which presented ‘Mukasura Samhara’ from Sri Devi Purana. ‘Fire dance’ staged by Kaveri Nrithya Thanda added to the beauty of the shobhayathre.

Meanwhile, musical shows at Gandhi Maidan added to the glitz of the festival. As ‘Cauvery Theerthodbhava’ coincided with Madikeri Dasara, the number of devotees coming to the city was overwhelming. District administration and police had to beef up security in wake of increased in flow of people to the district.