Booze 'half the price of chocolate' in Britain

Booze 'half the price of chocolate' in Britain

Youngsters who gain access to drinks are at risk as they become drunk on fewer units than adults; the recommended daily allowance for a man is three units of alcohol while it's two units for a woman, 'The Sun' reported.

Researchers visited Britain's eight biggest cities outside London to monitor booze prices. They found three-litre bottles of strong cider -- containing seven percent alcohol -- on sale for just 2.25 pounds.

Unbranded lager was being sold for just 92 pence for a 1.76-litre bottle -- around 3½ pints or 26 pence a pint, according to the Core Cities Health Improvement Collaborative research.
"Young men and women can buy their maximum recommended weekly allowance of alcohol for the price of a small latte coffee or cheap magazine.

"Meanwhile, the true cost of alcohol is picked up by taxpayers in the form of soaring hospital admissions, crime and anti-social behaviour," CCHIC spokeswoman Deborah Evans was quoted as saying.

The study, carried out in the past three weeks, also found alcopops aimed at teenagers sold alongside fruit juices rather than in the stores' alcohol sections.Evans called for "strong and decisive action to tackle the plague of illness and injury caused by selling alcohol cheaper than water".