Filled with emotions

Filled with emotions

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Filled with emotions

Beat it: Amit Kilam

The concert started on time. As the band members came on stage and the crowd started screaming, it was obvious that it was going to be a great concert. The members had barely taken their place on the stage when fans screamed out  their  requests for some of the famous numbers by the band like Kandisa and Bande.

“We’ll do Kandisa. But in some time,” said Rahul Ram while interacting with the audience.
They went for a sound check first which sounded as beautiful as any song by the band. The first song of the evening was Chand from their new album 16/330 Khajoor Road. While the track started out a little slow in the beginning, it soon took a U-turn and became upbeat which made everyone excited as they joined in and applauded in

“Our band has been together for 21 years,” said Susmit Sen emotionally as he spoke about their former member Asheem Chakravarty, who passed away last year. Dedicating the first ever song composed by the band to Asheem, the members went on to play Melancholic Ecstacy which was received with a roar of applause from the crowd.

Soft and soothing, the song caught pace somewhere in the middle and was a pleasure to listen to especially for the people who love instrumental pieces. The new members Himanshu Joshi and Tuhin Chakravarty were introduced by Susmit after which they sang the song Jhini from the album of the same name.

The strong vocals and fabulous coordination by the members made listening to them an unforgettable experience. As eccentric as his looks, Rahul kept everyone on their toes with his fabulous guitar work and Amit with his thumping drums.

Dedicating the next song to the audience, the band went on to sing a Bengali song Bondhu from their new album. The melancholic song touched a pulse with the audience which consisted of many Bengalees but it was the next song which got the crowd screaming even louder. “This song is from the movie Black Friday,” said Susmit before going in to play the song Bande.

The other songs played by the band were Leaving home, Hi le le where they spoke in Bihari and another song about corruption where Tuhin got the audience to join in by singing a beat every time he played a certain tone on the tabla. The popular song
Kandisa came right at the end after which the band said bye to the City’s audience.