Enhancing the look

Enhancing the look

Mobile pouches

Enhancing the look

Cell phones have acquired such a special place in our life that we cannot bear to have a small scratch on it. Though it is essential to protect the phone from potential damages, the phone needs something that is more than ordinary.

Pouches are available for all models of phones and finding one is not a difficult task. At the same time, as these pouches are available in so many makes and models, it is not easy to select one. The designs come in flip style, duplex model, vertical pouch and many more.

Now, the flip cases are ruling the mobile pouch market as mobile users find them stylish and a comfortable. These flip style mobile holders look like an open book and come in an assortment of colours with a finely tanned leather body. Being stylish in nature, they greatly enhance the look of the phones. “Whenever I purchase a mobile phone of any brand, my first requirement is to purchase a phone case.

You can buy them from mobile dealers or from street hawkers. But I always ensure that I purchase a good quality mobile case so that it can last for a longer time. Now, I have a Blackberry for which I purchased a Rs 700- worth genuine leather pouch. And my other phone, Motorola Rizr Z8 Ferrari version, has all customised accessories. I don’t neglect the safety of my phone and always use an appropriate case to keep it safe,” says Khasim, Director, United Fortune Properties.

Apart from flip cases, vertical cases are also in vogue. With that, you will be able to use your phone easily. The pouch also has a magnetic lid closure for optimum protection.
High-end mobile phone users prefer either flip or vertical pouch due to the luxurious look.

If you want to match them with your clothes, you can go for pouches made up of blended fabrics.  These alluring products are adorned with floral motifs and zig zag lines. The beaded handles add a dash of style to them. But, mobile dealers do not sell such type of cases. One has to buy them directly from the designers. Boutique and fancy stores also sell it sometimes.

The price of these items differ considerably from place to place. The showroom price of a ‘Call Mate’ flip-style holder is around Rs 250, a Fonokase Blackberry case is around Rs 500. But from the street hawkers, you can buy an non-branded flip holder for just Rs 50 if you are good at bargaining.

“The disadvantage of the normal pouch is that we have to take the mobile out when we get a call. Therefore, people go for fixed pouches. Though you have a simple set, these pouches hide it from public notice and give your mobile a stylish look. So, if one cannot afford a costly phone, one can embellish the phone with a posh case and pose as if you are having a Blackberry,” says Ganesh, an IT professional.