Kasab wants trial by international court

Kasab wants trial by international court

Terrorist accuses India of rights violation

Kasab wants trial by international court

On Friday, Kasab told his lawyers that he did not believe in the Indian judicial system and wanted his trial to be referred to the International Court of Justice for, believe it or not, “violation of his human rights!”

 Kasab, 23, who is on the death row for killing dozens during the 26/11 terror attacks, made these demands to his court-appointed lawyers, knowing well that no court would pay heed to such propositions.

The lone surviving Pakistani terrorist in the terror attacks continued to make fresh demands, telling his lawyers Amin Solkar and Farhana Shah, who met him at the Arthur Road Central Jail, that he did not expect the high court to give him “justice”. He wanted his case to be referred to an international court dealing with human rights violations.

The terrorist complained to his lawyers that he was being kept in solitary confinement and not given newspapers or books to read, Shah said. The criminal now wants to establish contact with the outside world and solitary confinement is making him mentally disturbed, the lawyer said. Two days back, Kasab told the high court that he wants to go to the US and see the world.

 On that day, he was pulled up by the court for spitting at a webcam and arguing with policemen. He has been insisting that he should be physically present in the high court during the hearings as he does not trust the video-conferencing process.

Resuming his arguments on Friday, special prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said that after the 26/11 attacks, Kasab and the other Pakistani terrorists had planned to strike at upmarket Malabar Hills area.