'Openness', new mantra in housing

'Openness', new mantra in housing

Catching up

'Openness', new mantra in housing

Break ‘partition’ its time to open doors for all seems to be the trend in the housing industry. What started as a western influence a decade ago in our own Mysore, it has now become a must as the changes are fast catching up among those ‘building their dream house’, especially from the past three years. It is attributed to many reasons- increasing diaspora, most of whom are migrating to city to eke out a living, that led to spurt in apartments, change in lifestyle with young denizens zeroing in on the city after Bangalore to name a few.

‘Open Kitchen’ is one such new concept that is breaking the most guarded premise of a homemaker, for whom it was also a world of her own. As mentioned earlier, 10 years back when it made an entry, it was the pick of elites only who always prefer to adopt a style to boast of, apart from interiors, making ample use of the space available on a huge site. Now, it has made an entry into the middle class segment too as owning a site itself is an arduous task given the current conditions.

Ravindra Bhat, a builder in the realm for the past 28 years running R and R Associates with S R Swamy told City Herald, having an open kitchen serves multiple purposes. By making judicious use of the space, a service counter with a stone slab, connecting dining hall can also be created. The same slab can be used as two-seater dining table and make provision to display utensils in  glass-fronted cabinet . Of 100 clients, 60 to 70 per cent prefer this type of kitchen. However, he refuted that the absence of wall will help cut down the cost.  Why it gained popularity? Ravindra Bhat says ‘in the earlier days, as women were busy with culinary, they were cut off for a while from the rest of the world, when others in the family, most importantly during the arrival of visitors, friends and relatives had a good time. By removing the barrier in the form of wall, they are easily accessible now. Some also watch serials while peeling off vegetables, from the kitchen.

Ravindra Bhat said, there are some who outrightly say no to this kitchen at the time of discussion, but later fall for the same altering the original plan.

Another prominent builder K Sriram of of Enclaves Infrastructure had an one-line answer. ‘Openness has become the order of the day’. People want to come out of the walls and Mysore is no exception. He credits it to the boom in construction industry in 2006 that saw many apartments coming up in the city. It is tailor made for working couple who hardly stay with each other at home. Also, most of the Mysoreans who had graduated out of engineering colleges in the city then and had moved abroad for a career have returned to spend some quality time. They didn’t come alone, but also brought fashionable treatment with them.

Chairman of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), Mysore chapter Jagadish Babu said it’s more convenient as it has become a part of the living room. It also gives housewives an opportunity to exhibit the store. The aroma and the smoke emittng from  while preparing the food will be taken care of by exhaust fans and no need to worry of the disadvantages it bring. And, It’s here to stay for long, he added.

Vivek Attavar, a business man who settled for this kitchen cum dining hall before drawing the plan itself, to build a house on 30 x 40 site in third stage of Vijayanagar said,’minus wall it looks more spacious, airy and also trendy’. “I had read about it in magazines and had also seen many going for it instead of the normally built kitchens. My wife and daughter also didn’t have any vibes and also my mother”, Attavar told City Herald.

The other side...

Having an open kitchen also has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, it gives an enhanced look to the house, besides bridging the gap between you (women) and your family. The disadvantage is, it calls for promptness in maintaining, as your kitchen is exposed to all. All you have to ensure is, the groceries are neatly arranged, hygienic atmosphere prevails and is spick and span. If you forget to keep things in order busy revelling in a festive mood, the following day may dent your mood with the littered articles in the kitchen welcoming the guests. How can one forget to say ‘Not only the aroma of the food, but also the dish on your plate can be easily sighted’. Most importantly, the lady in the kitchen has to be  pleasingly dressed for her own benefit to avoid embarrassment when newcomers are at home.