NAAC workshop debates quality in education

NAAC workshop debates quality in education

Interface with industry at the two-day event

The two-day workshop titled 'Enabling Quality in Higher Education through Best Practices' addressed three-fold objectives - to provide interface between educationists and people from the industry, quality initiative in higher education and need to on research in higher education. Setting quality benchmark was another aim of the meet. More than 60 teachers from various colleges in the City attended the workshop. 

Speaking at the occasion, Dileep Ranjekar, CEO, Azim Premji Foundation, said that there was no dearth of policy issues, documents and intentions in the National Education Policy. However, these policies are completely non-communicable and educationists don't try to understand it, he noted.

"It is a sorry state of affairs. Our education system is 150 years old. The question is whether the education system should reform society or continue to preserve the present state. And, the jury says that we have to reform society constantly for the future," he said.

There was also a need to refine sensitivity, develop scientific temperament, encourage independence of mind and to impart skills that help a student to live life effectively and successfully. Another area of concern was shortage of educationists. "Only 60-70 educationists who deal with the subject and pedagogical issues of education pass out in the country and they are not teachers," he said. Ranjekar felt that teachers and professors should look at what value-add they can do to develop the quality of students.

Echoing his concerns, Chennai-based Loyola College secretary and correspondent Dr Joe Arun SJ said that competence building exercise was crucial in higher education. "We have failed to deliver students who are competent and have character. We are only informing them," he said. He also stressed that quality education in true spirit was to admit weak and first generation learners and making them strong.