Finally, Mestripalya Lake to be revived

Finally, Mestripalya Lake to be revived

Finally, Mestripalya Lake to be revived

The revival of the lake is expected to begin within two months. Even though, a part of the lake bed measuring 6.2 acres  (survey no 26/1) is under litigation, the BDA has decided to develop the remaining portion of the lake bed (survey nos 30 and 31).

BDA Assistant Executive Engineer Homanna said a Detailed Project Report (DPR) has already been submitted to the head office for approval. 

“It is a month-long wait to secure the approval for DPR. The rejuvenation of the lake will begin immediately after we get the clearance,” he said.

Although the lake will get a fresh lease of life after a prolonged struggle by members of the Residents’ Welfare Association in the locality, the members are apprehensive about the rejuvenation of the disputed section of the lake bed, that forms a significant portion of the lake.

“The land under litigation lies close to the storm water drain and forms a natural path through which rainwater flows into the lake. If this portion is encroached upon, how can the rainwater flow into the lake,” wondered Vishwanath Kashyap, a RWA member, who is also a petitioner.

The case against the land under litigation started in 1972, when the BDA attempted to reconvey the portion of the land (6.2 acres), which was also a part of the nursery land. The move was challenged in the Supreme Court. However, the verdict was passed in favour of the BDA, allowing it to possess the land.

In 2005, yet another writ petition was filed by residents in the High Court directing the BDA not to allot the 6.2 acres for formation of layouts. Instead, the members wanted the land to be converted into a park or a playground, as it is contiguous with the entire lake area, measuring 11.8 acres.

In December 2006, the High Court passed an interim order directing the BDA and the Government of Karnataka not to allot the disputed land to any person until further orders.

Hence, members of the Residents’ Welfare Association are eagerly awaiting the next hearing which will come up shortly.