'My frankness is my X-factor'

'My frankness is my X-factor'

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'My frankness is my X-factor'

 Speaking out : Mugdha Godse

She is just four films old in Bollywood and marriage is a far cry for Fashion
star Mugdha Godse but the actress has made up her mind as to how her dream man should be like. “My ideal man should be compatible and always ready to take my tantrums,” said Mugdha.

Although she was willing to discuss about her future life partner, the actress refused to spill the beans about her upcoming romantic flick Will You Marry Me. “Yes, my next film is a romantic comedy but I am not in a position to unravel the plot,” said Mugdha.
Though her last horror flick Help sank without trace at the box office, Mugdha says she is trying to experiment with various genres so that she is not stereotyped as an actress.

“I have tried drama, comedy and horror but I feel more comfortable doing comedy even though it is tough as your comic timing has to be perfect. I am dying to do a pure romantic film and open to epic films as well,” said Mugdha. After working with critically acclaimed director Madhur Bhandarkar twice, the long-legged beauty is looking forward to star in films by Ashutosh Gowarikar and Kunal Kohli.

Mugdha was a model for five years before taking a plunge into films. Proclaiming herself as a ‘confused child’, the actress attributes her Bollywood success to God’s grace and her luck.
“I have never planned anything in my life. I was always confused about my career but actually everything fell into place and today I am here,” said Mugdha.

Talking about her X-factor, which helps her click with the audience, Mugdha said, “My frankness is my X-factor. I am very honest with my role and that lends authenticity to my character,” she said.

A perfect amalgamation of oomph and beauty, how is Mugdha in real life? And she candidly replies, “I am a nice and simple girl and I don’t like flashy people who show-off.”