Oz teen makes televised plea to end indigenous inequality

Oz teen makes televised plea to end indigenous inequality

Madeleine Madden, granddaughter of Aboriginal activist Charlie Perkins, in her two-minute address to an estimated six million people urged Australians to help create job opportunities and a better future for indigenous people.

According to media reports, the message was delivered on behalf of GenerationOne, a public awareness campaign aimed at closing the gap on indigenous disadvantage.

She also said that education is best foot forward to a good life and career. "My grandparents and my parents worked really hard to give us great opportunities and a great education. They are my role models and I really want to carry on their tradition."

The campaign is linked to the Australian Employment Covenant, set up by mining magnate Andrew Forrest, whose goal is to place 50,000 indigenous people in jobs by June next year.

GenerationOne chief executive Tim Gartrell, a former Labor Party national secretary, said he had worn out a fair amount of shoe leather convincing media bosses to broadcast the address, but one by one they agreed, donating more than ASD 4.1 million of air time to the cause.