LTTE-era security check points in Colombo to be dismantled

LTTE-era security check points in Colombo to be dismantled

"Government has decided to remove all security check points in the Colombo city gradually," military spokesman Major General Ubaya Medawala said today.

Since the security situation in Colombo has improved following the end of the LTTE war in May last year, the government has decided to remove all check points in the city, he was quoted as saying by an official website.

"Two check points at Wellawatta and Bambalapitiya (in the heart of Colombo) have already been removed and will be replaced by snap road blocks and constant alternative surveillance system," Medawala said.

He said there were around 10 permanent security check points within the Colombo metropolitan area and all these will be gradually removed.The check points were set up during the constant LTTE suicide attacks, with the security personnel deployed their round the clock to check vehicles and persons coming to the city.

The spokesman said these security points brought favourable results.During the height of the LTTE war, the Colombo city limits and its immediate suburbs were thrown under a blanket search operation by the security forces.

They had discovered explosives and weapons from the city and adjoining areas during those days.