Keeping his fingers crossed

Keeping his fingers crossed

Gandhinagar Grapevine

Keeping his fingers crossed

Prashanth Raj

Why? Because he is afraid how his second venture will fare at the box office. His first film Love Guru did wonders at the box office and also won a lot of awards.

Working with the same team of actors and technicians, one wonders if Prashanth will be able to recreate the same magic this time also? Prashanth responds confidently, “Why not? I am sure people will come looking for another Love Guru considering we have the same actors. But they will find Gaana Bajaana to be a totally different film,” says Prashanth.

While the pre and post production activities of the film have left Prashanth with many lasting memories, it was the promotional campaign that made a larger impact. “We largely promoted the film online through the social networking sites. The response we got from the youngsters was simply amazing. Some even started linking up the rushes and imagining what the film is about. With their stories, I can make another new film,” he laughs.

Though there were initial glitches with theatre, Prashanth is happy that all the multiplexes in the City were more than happy to screen the film. “I was told that my movies cater to the ‘multiplex’ crowd. That really makes me happy but I want to make it clear that my movie is made for the masses in Gandhinagar as well,” he says.

Positivity is the mantra that Prashanth is following these days. “No matter what life throws at you, one must be positive, then only one will be able to accept it. That is the message of the film as well,” he says.

As for the future, Prashanth says he is a blank slate. “For now, it’s only Gaana Bajaana, the future will depend on this film,” he signs off.