Today's letters

Today's letters

Misusing freedom

Though freedom of speech is guaranteed under the Constitution, it is governed by certain conditions. This cannot be misused to question the sovereignty of the country, demand for separation of any state from India, for causing contempt, dissatisfaction and rebellion against the country by furious hate speeches as indulged in by Arundhati Roy.

Freedom of speech is not a license for treason. In any other country personalities like Geelani and Arundhati would have been in jail by for anti-national statements.


Stalemate within

The Chief Justice's frustration is understandable. However, What is the court's own record? One is also tempted to request him, "physician, heal thyself".
Even after proving its majority twice, Karnataka Government is paralyzed with the hearing of petitions against the Speaker's decision. Firstly the court, instead of appointing three judges to avoid any split and inconclusive decision, appoints only two extending the stalemate for a few days more. The inevitable tiebreaker third judge is appointed and he takes his own sweet time, instead of working overtime and on holidays to resolve quickly the dispute and restoring the order in the Assembly and the Government without delay.
What a mess!
Alas, poor people of Karnataka. Delegating the HC to do Government job won't improve matters with the way the HC is handling serious do or die matters themselves.

S. P. Sundaram

Inept handling

Kashmir chaos is due to the inept handling of the issue by Congress led UPA and Home Minister P Chidambaram seems to be totally out of tune to handle the situation effectively. PC was very eloquent on both the floors of the Parliament whenever he had an opportunity to hit out at the BJP and he was at the top of his voice when it came to Babri Issue. But he suddenly becomes too diplomatic when Gilani makes an open statement of 'sedition' and he never minced any words. Another classic example is Ms.
Arundhati Roy who goes all out to re-write the history much to the embarrassment of the Congress led UPA. PC openly admits in clear terms about the action and was never assertive, but says that he would ‘examine' and take action if need. PC should now admit his defeat and step down gracefully as Home Minister.


Moment of shame

The corruption cases under the UPA dispensation have increased manifold and the
Government is either unwilling or unable to stem the rot and it is no wonder
that the country is rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We
all have to collectively hang our heads in shame for this 'rare distinction'.

V. Padmanabhan

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