Boyfriend arrested in model suicide case

Boyfriend arrested in model suicide case

“Her boyfriend, Sahil Malik (28), was grilled for last two days and was arrested on the basis of circumstantial evidence. He changed his statements frequently,” D S Kamble, Inspector at Goregaon Police Station, said.

“Sahil was booked under IPC Sections 302 (murder) and 203 (giving false information regarding an offence committed),” he said.

Rinky’s mother and her two relatives arrived here late on Friday night from Kolkata and accused Sahil of killing the model. They said he was financially dependent on her and was forcing her to marry.

Rinky, 28, whose real name is Sabnam Mandal, was found hanging from the ceiling by Sahil at her home in Vallabh Society in Goregaon on Thursday.

Quoting Sahil, police said he was at her residence painting the bedroom walls on Thursday. As the paint fumes were irritating Rinky, Sahil asked her to go to the kitchen, following which she went there and bolted the door from inside.

“At around 6 pm, a courier delivery boy came to her residence with a letter addressed to Rinky. Sahil went to the kitchen to inform her. But she did not respond, after which he called on her mobile phone but in vain,” said Surendra Paithankar, Senior Inspector at the police station.

“Suspecting something fishy, Sahil broke open the door and found Rinky hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. Sahil brought her to the hall and splashed water on her face. When she did not respond, he informed the police,” he added. PTI