Metro adds to their woes

Construction debris, water-filled pits render roads unmotorable

Metro adds to their woes

Water-filled pits and potholes coupled with slush and piled up construction debris rendered the several roads inaccessible to public causing severe inconvenience. The condition went from bad to worse on Old Madras Road, CMH Road and Ulsoor. Mounds of sand dumped on the site and spread on the road by rain water affected vehicular movement. Two-wheelers and autos were seen struggling to make through the muddy stretches. The garbage dumped under the metro structures compounded the misery for pedestrians.

Leaking flyover

Residents near Metro sites have been facing plethora of problems since the work began. “The place has turned a hell ever since the work started. The condition becomes worse following rains,” rued Suraj Sharma, a resident of Old Madras Road.

The condition on CMH road is no better. The leaking flyover fills up the potholes and motorists had a tough time while navigating the stretch under the flyover. The road surface has become uneven with the movement of heavy construction vehicles and no civic authorities has taken measures to asphalt the road.

Restricted two-way traffic slows down the traffic movement. Pedestrians are compelled to share the narrow space with motorists, an unsafe proposition particularly for senior citizens and schoolchildren.

Slippery stretch

“The metro construction has become a bane for the residents. It is a big hassle to commute on this road.” Rasheed, resident of Indiranagar complained.

Deep pits have been dug road sides for construction of Metro station. The rain water filled in the pits is being pumped onto the road making it slippery and slushy. The gravelled stretch with sand and water proves troublesome for the road-using public.
 The same despair is echoed by the residents of Ulsoor who are facing not just traffic related issues but severe space crunch. With no footpath, pedestrians are using a lane filled with sand, stones and construction material dumped alongside.

Rain water flooded the stretch blocking access. Many times heavy construction vehicles are parked on these lanes leaving no space for pedestrians and motorists.

“I have to fight with the construction workers to stop them from parking the vehicles. I have told them to remove the construction debris dumped in front of my house, but no action has been taken yet,” Gopalakrishna, resident of Ulsoor complained.

Not just traffic issue, the residents even face health hazards due to the water-filled pits.
They turn breeding ground for mosquitoes, a disease-causing vector. The pits without any barricades prove fatal to road users on the narrow stretch.

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