Problems stymie progress

Batlahalli: Amenities unavailable as projects remain incomplete

Despite constant efforts to provide drinking water, better roads, check dams and other facilities, the projects have not been properly implemented, due to financial and other problems.

The constituency included five Gram Panchayats- Batlahalli, Iragampalli, Raguttahalli, M Gollahalli and Kadadanamari. The famed Billandlahalli, Kambalahalli and ancient Konakuntlu temple are to be found in the constituency.

Efforts taken

The funds approved by the Government are used for various development works. Ground-level drinking water tanks have been built, pipelines have been connected, roads have been repaired, check dams have been constructed, school buildings, hospitals and student hostels also have been repaired. In addition, eligible beneficiaries have been given cattle and sheep.

Providing drinking water has been the priority in the area. Ground-level tanks have been constructed at Nallarallahalli, Venkatarayanakote, Bodampalli, Myakapotalahalli, Konakuntlu, Guntapalli, Seetharampura, Mindigal, I Kuruppalli, Kondligakahalli and Hanumayyagarihalli villages. Tubewells were dug in Kariyappalli, Chintapalli, Konakuntlu and Yarraigarahalli.

Roads improved

After provision for drinking water, the largest amount of funds has been granted for development of better roads.

The road connecting Iragampalli and Yarraigarahalli Cross via Kuruppalli has been re-asphalted in certain places. The roads in Guntipalli village and in the SC/ST Colony have been developed. The road in Kariyappalli village has been cemented.

The roads from Billandlahalli to Billandlahalli Cross, from Konappalli to Konappalli Cross, from S B Road to Kodigal, from Konakuntlu to Chennarayanahalli and from I Kuruppalli to Yarraigarahalli have been asphalted.


Despite such achievements, the constituency still has proof of shortage of basic facilities in several villages.

Roads connecting various villages are in extremely bad shape. Residents in most of the villages have no toilet facilities. Sewage has no proper means to drain out due to poor underground sewer facilities. In addition, stagnant water in many villages proves to be a threat to the health of the residents.

Drinking water shortage remains a perpetual problem. Some villages still lack proper drinking water facilities.

Plots and houses have not been distributed properly in some villages. As a result, many people have no proper housing facility.

They are forced to live everyday with the hope that houses will be constructed and residence provided soon under various projects.

What they say...

Drinking water supply and development of roads are given priority. We get Rs 60-65 lakh as grants. But this is not enough for the development works in the constituency. The villages can be provided much better facilities if the grants are increased. The amount was higher some years ago. But the last two years, we are getting much lesser money as funds.

Srinivas Reddy, ZP member

The villages need basic amenities. Roads and drains should be constructed. Although tubewells have been dug in some places, water supply has remained difficult due to bad power supply. In some places, pipelines have not been fixed at all.

Bashir, a resident of Iragampalli

Efforts should be taken to provide plots and build houses for destitutes in the villages. Those that are given now are not sufficient. No doubt, the development works are better than before, but there is still a long way to go.

Chikkaravanappa, resident of Velagalahalli

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