Assessment programme, contests mark the day

The hospital also conducted painting competitions for children. Glucometers and insulin were distributed on the occasion. The hospital treats 1,000 children with diabetes below the age of 18 from all over Karnataka.  The hospital also provides free insulin to patients up to the age of 25.

Risk assessment

Diabetes causes multi-organ complication which has become a major cause for concern to the medical professionals. Complications like cardiovascular disease, diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain) and diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease). Other serious complications cited include stroke, blindness and limb amputation.  Columbia Asia Hospital launched ‘Multi-organ Risk Assessment programme in Diabetes’ on Sunday.

This integrated treatment approach has dietitian, diabetes educator, endocrinologist, cardiologist, vascular surgeon and nephrologists to help patients manage diabetic condition. This programme will help patients to increase their understanding of and preventing complications.

Painting contest

Over 1,500 children participated in a painting competition organised by the BGS Global Hospitals.  The theme for the competition was ‘Health is Wealth’ and children aged 4-16 years expressed the theme in their own ways with hues and colours.

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