Standing the test of time

Vegetarian delights

Standing the test of time

 An inside view of the restaurant. Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room, situated on DVG Road in Gandhi Bazaar, is an eatery that has stood the test of time. Established in 1926 by Ramakrishna Bhat, it has proved itself with its unparalleled taste and still has loyal customers.

Popularly known as Bhattara Hotel, this place has customers from all over the City. One can feel the aroma of masala dosa and sambar wafting through the air even when one is ten steps away. This is enough to lure anyone to try the masala dosa here. The hotel is small but has a very homely ambience. Its rustic feel reminds one of the hotels that used to exist two or three decades ago in the City. It is now managed by Ramakrishna Bhat’s son and grandson, Vasudeva Karanth and Girish Karanth.

Girish Karanth, who is also the head chef, says, “My grandfather started this business. We hail from a family of cooks and enjoy serving people and providing good service at affordable rates.”

The masala dosa, wrapped in special vegetable sagu’instead of palya, and khali dosa with chutney and sambar are the main attractions here. Other food items on the menu include idli, vada, rava idli, rice bath, pulav, puri, chapati, khara bath and kesari bath.
Maddur vada, rava vada, pakoda and ambode are the most sought-after fried items here. Benne muruku is another favourite fried item amongst people here.

The khali dosa has minimal oil and is soft and delicious. The rates are also quite reasonable. Starting from Rs 9 and Rs 14 for the vada and idli respectively, the maximum rate can go up to Rs 22 for a masala dosa. This place also serves sweets like carrot halwa, badam puri and jamoon.

M R Venkatesh, who has been visiting this joint for nearly 60 years now, says, “I like this place for its ambience, cleanliness and service. It has managed to preserve everything for so long and that’s what I like about it. I come here everyday to relish the khali dosa. People need not really think about the calories as the items are fat-free, soft and tasty.”
Prema and Srinath, a couple who frequent this eatery, say, “We have been coming here for the last 25-30 years and we prefer eating here for the service they provide. The food is very homely and the masala dosa and ambode are our favourite dishes.”

So for a great vegetarian fare, one could just barge into Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room and enjoy a sumptuous feast. It is open from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm and is closed on Saturdays.

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