Trendy in a trench coat

Trendy in a trench coat

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Chic : Trench coats are always in vogue. Trench coats have assumed a new meaning altogether and come in a variety of styles. From short models, knee-length and swing styles to trenches with shimmer or those done in autumn-friendly fabrics like satin, corduroy and denim.

Metrolife spoke to designer Sanchita Ajjampur and asked her to suggest ways of styling a trench coat to make it look more attractive.

Sanchita feels the trench is a great fashion statement. “It has always been a fashion classic, and now we’ve seen so much of it on the runway that is has become a must-have for all seasons,” thinks Sanchita.

There are no hard and fast rule on when and with what you can pair a trench coat. “Whether you're wearing a dress, a suit or jeans, a trench coat is always in style. A new way to wear a trench is to wear it over a simple tee or leotard and sequence tights,” she points out.

You have to feel great to look great in a trench. Comfort is key to carrying off any trench in style. “Women may love the way trenches look in magazines but if they’re not comfortable in it, they won't wear it. A trench can be belted around the waist or left open for a more relaxed look,” she says. And colours play a major part when buying a trench.

Classic basic colours like khaki to black are important and timeless. “These colours may be timeless, but there are also important updates to it for this season. The latest interpretation for autumn will include newness in colours and fabrics, such as hues of reds, ink blues on fabrics like silk satin,” advises Sanchita.

There’s something about a trench that not only attracts a lot of attention but gives the wearer a persona of refinement. Sanchita suggests, “A simple ivory or khaki cotton trench coat is perfect for daytime. A beautiful navy blue cotton and silk blend with embroidered detail can be paired with a matching skirt. Trenches looks great over jeans.”

Accessories and make-up are just as important as colours and cuts when it comes to trenches, “Big bold costume jewellery, huge chain necklaces with texture and scale contrasts, big textural rings, stacked bangles — thin or thick cuffs would enhance a trench,” says Sanchita. 

As for bags, classic clutch ones that shine or non sheen dulled with woven leather would look great. Embroidered or bejeweled bags with glinting rocks or subtle hand cut petals cascading all over give trenches a contemporary feel.

“Accessorising the trench coat adds a ladylike look; it can be feminine and classic all at the same time,” adds Sanchita.

While light make-up is best suited during the day, Sanchita suggests that those wearing trenches could experiment with big hair, the glam eye, and the deep lip for a night out.

Pair it with

* A classic handbag.
* Embellished ballerinas add   
*A printed scarf knotted around the neck and jewelled earrings.

Comfort matters

Pooja, a young professional, is perhaps one among the very few Bangaloreans who owns a trench coat. She is conscious about the way she dresses and is particular about pairing it right.

Talking about trenches, Pooja says she prefers to wear trenches with a dress, leggings and over jeans and a tee for a casual look. But she thinks it goes best with a dress.

Pooja says that for her comfort and style go hand in hand. “I prefer to pick up any trench in classic colours like beige, black, white and blue. These match just about any outfit,” she signs off.


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