Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age as a franchise is a big name and its latest series Dawn of the Dinosaurs lived upto its reputation, but a lesser.

This time Manny, Sid, and Diego decide to part ways, little knowing that their decisions to lead their own lives will bring them much closer than they have ever imagined. We have Scrat, the squirrel continously trying to balance his love for  acorn and a beautiful Scratte.
Manny  (remember he’s the mammoth) and Ellie are expecting a baby. However, Diego is fed up with life and wants to leave the place to begin a new life. Left in the lurch Sid stumbles upon three dinosaur eggs finally landed him into the land  of dinosaurs.
Diego and Manny had no choice but to follow the trail of their friend Sid.

Once inside the world of dinosaurs they met one interesting one-eyed weasel Buck, who agreed to help them rescue Sid.

One amazing thing about Ice Age 3 is that the nature of the characters are left untouched. One can still relate each of the characters. The introduction of Buck also adds thrill to the gang’s adventure.

The voice of Buck, grumpy and straight, by Simon Pegg stands out from rest of the voice cast.

Director Carlos Saldanha is also brilliant in stitching together the sub-plots involving friendship, family and brotherhood.

However, the sound effects failed to keep up with the fine graphic. Also some scenes like the ice slides and the flowing lava have become too common.

Even the music and sound effects aren’t that captivating anymore. The film is now much more adult oriented,  many of the ‘funny lines’ would be unintelligible to children.
On the whole, Ice Age 3 is no longer very cool, but just cool with few laugh spots here and there.

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