Russian dancers enthrall shoppers

Russian dancers enthrall shoppers


Russian dancers enthrall shoppers

SPELLBINDING The Russian dancers performing.

With the theme, The Wonders of the World, One World, One City, One Festival, each week of the fest has been dedicated to different countries.  

As part of the fest, Russian Week was celebrated with a splendid performance by two Russian dancers.

The group from Russia called La Danza, performed on stage erected near the replica of the Great Wall of China, at the outer periphery of the mall.

The two girls, Natasha and Maria, enthralled the gathering with their spellbinding movements.

The talented artistes presented four different pieces of which the first one was a typical ballet dance. Dressed in bright yellow and green costumes, the dancers showed  good co-ordination which was a visual treat.

They also shook their leg to the popular song Waka Waka. The audience enjoyed
the performance to the fullest and cheered the girls throughout.

The other two performances were based on a Latin American dance form in which they exhibited their professional skills to their best. 

“It was nice to perform in this carnival. We are pleased to receive so much of love and appreciation from the people,” said Natasha, after the performance.

As a part of the fest, the replicas of the seven wonders namely Taj Mahal, Great
Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Red Square
of Kremlin, Russia and the City of Petra have been erected at the mall.

Lokesh, an IT professional, had a great time with his family after shopping at the mall.
“We enjoyed all the dance sequences and I felt it could have been continued for
some more time. Moreover, we are impressed with the majestic models of Taj
Mahal and Eiffel Tower and clicked pictures,” he said.

Many fun-filling activities have been organised to cheer and grab the attention of the crowd at the mall in coming days.