Woman marries woman posing as man

Woman marries woman posing as man

Woman marries woman posing as man

Minati Khatua (27), a resident of Power House Road of Rourkela married one Sitakanta Routray, a resident of sector six of the town, a year back after both fell in love with each other.

While Minati was working as an office assistant with a local NGO, Sitakanta was a salesman by profession and was attached to the local branch of a FMCG company.

Both had a civil marriage after Minati’s family members objected to their relationship.
Subsequently, both tied the knot in a local temple.  However, a few days ago, Minati got the shock of her life when she came to know from her family members that her husband was not a man but actually a woman and “his” name was not Sitakanta Routray but Smutimoyee Routray.  For further confirmation, a desperate Minati ran to her “husband’s” family members who also reside in the same town. They too confirmed that her life partner was a woman and not a man. 

When she confronted her “husband” on the matter, “he” (Smutimoyee) admitted that “he” had done a mistake. “He” allegedly absconded when “he” realised that Minati would be inform the police about the incident.

Minati has told the police that though they had been living together for more than a year, they never had any physical relationship.

Whenever she made any attempt to get physical with her “husband”, the latter had always dissuaded her saying that she should wait for a few months more as “he” wanted to conduct a puja in a temple in Puri before having a sexual relationship with her.

Not a doubt

Minati also revealed that she had never doubted her husband’s gender as “he” was always wearing men’s clothes and sported a man’s haircut.

The police suspect that Smutimoyee orchestrated the entire marriage to dupe Minati as the former reportedly had already obtained two bank loans in the latter’s name after their marriage.