Making it memorable

Making it memorable

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Making it memorable

 P V Shetty receiving the Kingfisher Derby Trophy from Sheetal Sharma and Waseem Khan.

Not even threats of eviction and closure could dampen the fresh smell of turf and the sound of excitement as the scarlet covered trophy of the Kingfisher Derby was unveiled at the Bangalore Turf Club last weekend.

Now in its 22nd year, the Kingfisher Derby is known as much for its glitzy glamour quotient as it is for its big stake money (in excess of Rs 1.2 crore).

The racing event is usually preceded by well-known international and national performing artistes, song, dance, glamour and fashion sequences. With all the hype and promotional fever, the Kingfisher Derby has over the years become a sought after social and sporting event successfully retaining its number one spot on the racing calender.

This time it was Sheetal Sharma and Waseem Khan on behalf of the UB Group, who had the honour of unveiling the trophy and handing it over ceremoniously to the BTC Chairman P V Shetty as a curtain-raiser to the main event which is scheduled for the coming weekend.

With all the uncertainty hanging over the future of Bangalore racing, this
may well be the last Derby to be held in the City if the powers that be have their
way and evict the  BTC from its premises, come December.

But till that happens the show will go on and the horses will compete for the second richest race in the country on July 13.

“The Kingfisher Derby represents one of our longest associations with sports and we have plenty of events lined up fusing thrill, excitement, glamour and entertainment to make it a memorable occasion for everybody,” said Shekhar Ramamurthy from the UB.