A fun-filled gala

A fun-filled gala

Patriotic fervour

A fun-filled gala

 Salsa at its best

Held for the members of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, an organisation dedicated to the Indo-US business trade and relations, the event witnessed a decent turnout. The dress code of the evening, the colours of the American flag — red, blue and white added much vibrancy to the already colourful gala.

The members were asked to choose a badge as soon as they walked in, with each badge having the name a popular American celebrity. So there were ten badges with the names of Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Walt Disney, Barack Obama, George Washington and the likes. Post a short speech by Vasanth Kini, Chairman of IACC (Karnataka), who spoke about the body, the games began. Between each game was a dance presented by Lourd Vijay’s troupe.

The first game of the evening involved the different celebrity groups to get together and search for items either red, blue or white. This was followed by the American speciality square dance by the troupe. Then there was a short game where in the guests had to guess the number of candies present in a jar. There was another contemporary dance by the troupe followed by a quiz show. After this was the Bollywood dance, where the troupe danced to numbers like Mauja Hi Mauja, Radha Kaise Na Jale and Dhoom Machale. 

The entire evening was filled with many more entertaining games and dances before the guests went for dinner and cocktails. 

There were many prizes given away as well, like free tickets for two to London, Dubai and a domestic destination, along with lunch and dinner coupons at restaurants in the City.