Mini hydel power project starts power generation

Mini hydel power project starts power generation

The plant had begun generating 1.5 MW power on an experimental basis from June 27, and from the last four days, it is working on a full scale, producing 10 MW power.

Bharooka had initiated the Rs 40 crore project in 2007. The project is complete now after spending about Rs 70 crore that includes works like setting up a barrage across Chandragiri river, digging a canal to supply water to the turbine, setting up of 2 generators of 5 MW capacity each, installing 33 kv power line to connect the same to Sullia at a distance of 17 km, etc.

As per the agreement with the government, the plant will generate10 MW electricity and supply it to Mescom from June to November at Rs 2.80 per unit. As per the pact, the project will be handed over to government after 30 years. The government provides 10 per cent of the establishment expenditure of the plant as subsidy.

Different companies are setting up a total of 14 mini hydel power projects in Dakshina Kannada, of which four have already started functioning. Due to them, there has been an increase of 35 MW to 40 MW power generation. When all 14 plants function, the district would get an additional 200 MW power.

However, still there are doubts that to what extent the new developments will help the district in solving the power problems. Even after the new plant started operating in full scale four days ago, there has been no change in Sullia’s power scenario. Interestingly, the company can generate power only when there is power supply in the existing grid. Sullia experiences power cut both on Tuesdays and Saturdays, though Mescom claims that it is only on Tuesdays.

In such a situation, Bharooka too should stop generating power at least one or two days a week.