Scams halt business in Assembly

Opposition, ruling party lock horns over technicalities of procedures
Last Updated 11 January 2011, 04:25 IST

The session was adjourned for the day without taking up any other business.  Members of the Congress and the JD(S) argued that corruption charges against Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and his Cabinet colleagues were a matter of public importance which deserved to be discussed in the House.

The parties wanted to move an adjournment motion against the ruling party over corruption, nepotism and land scam, and sought the resignation of Yeddyurappa and other ministers.

Speaker K G Bopaiah adjourned the House for the day after the Opposition parties refused to withdraw their dharna, objecting to the presiding officer’s refusal to allow the adjournment motion.


Earlier in the day, Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah and others argued that the land scams involving the KIADB and BDA should be discussed under the adjournment motion.

The scams have been surfacing since the Yeddyurappa government came to power, Siddaramaiah charged. Law Minister Suresh Kumar argued that rules specify that a matter which was of recent occurrence and of public importance could be taken up under the adjournment motion. However, the Opposition was not specifying any particular incident.

“There is no specific charge mentioned in the notice. They are not explaining how the issue they are trying to raise is of public interest. Besides, the Lokayukta and the judicial commission are inquiring into the matter,” the minister said.  

Bopaiah too said the members have not specified any case that was of public importance.
Irked by the arguments of the treasury benches, Siddaramaiah said the Chief Minister was corrupt and he cannot be allowed to continue in power.

Joining the debate, JD (S) floor leader H D Revanna said there was no need to go by the rules to discuss corruption in the government.  “The Chief Minister had announced he was ready to discuss the charges against the government. So we have come here. Let us debate the issue rather than rules,” he said.

Opposition vs Govt


* Corruption is a matter of public importance
* Scams have resulted in crores of rupees loss to govt
* Corrupt practices taking place on a day-to-day basis
*CM and his ministers are answerable to the House
* Why govt is shying away from adjournment motion?
* Rules should not come in the way of important issue
* Let there be a CBI probe into all scams of the State


* Adjournment motion should be on specific
* Motion should be regarding a specific instance of  recent occurrence
* Judicial commission already probing into scams
* Ruling party not running away from debate
* Opposition can raise issue of scams during discussion on motion of thanks to the Governor’s address

(Published 11 January 2011, 04:25 IST)

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