BBMP makes U-turn on contracts to KRIDL

BBMP makes U-turn on contracts to KRIDL

The ruling party leaders on Thursday appealed to the Council, that the KRIDL be allowed to take up projects up to Rs one lakh under the piece work system for emergency projects in any of the 198 wards.

It can be recalled that the Palike Council had dismissed KRIDL for being blacklisted by the State government and accused it of being in money making business.

The KRIDL recently was awarded contracts to fill potholes across the City by the BBMP. However, in the BBMP monthly session held in August 2010, it was decided that the agency was unable to provide satisfactory results towards the projects they had handled earlier, leading to the scrapping of all future contracts.

However, on Thursday, BJP leader B R Nanjundappa, Corporator from J P Park appealed to the Mayor to employ the KRIDL for the emergency projects.

“Over the last nine months, no development projects were taken up. With three months to go for the completion of the financial year, it is imperative that the projects be taken up without any delay. KRIDL needs to be given the projects,” Nanjundappa said.

Accordingly, the Council approved the agenda to give KRIDL the opportunity to take up projects, as and when the corporators demand, to the tune of Rs one lakh under the special grants given to the wards under the Mayor and Deputy Mayor funds.