Splendour of colours in the sky

Splendour of colours in the sky


 SPLENDID Joy of flying kites. Kites virtually blot out the sky at pink city Jaipur, Bundi and other places in Rajasthan. In the charged atmosphere and excitement, the day-long carnival on the occasion of Makar Sankranti becomes special.

The advent of spring is celebrated with Patang Baazi or Patang Faroshi in Rajasthan. The rich tradition of kite flying in the state is also due to the patronage of erstwhile rulers who found the sport both entertaining and a way of displaying their prowess.

According to Kite maker Irfam Mohammed, “The fancy for kites has increased in the city and I find a good rise in the sales of Manjha, Sadda, Charkhi, etc. Kites are even brought from Lucknow, Ahmedabad and other places, for the occasion.” 

The traditional town of Bundi celebrates the big day in style. The scene inside the  Chogan Gate, Balchand Para and Mochi Bazaar gets heated up with many tourists joining in the kite frenzy. Special dishes like Til ke Laddu, Khichra and Fini, and  sports like Gilli—Danda mark the occasion.

While the festival in Rajasthan is quite traditional and religious, the Rajasthani  passion for kite flying is legendary.