Actress caught in the 'act' in five-star hotel

In a surprise raid on a five-star hotel near Mallya Hospital, the police nabbed a South Indian actress and two men indulging in flesh trade on Thursday night.

The cops found the actress, whose name begins with “J”, brought in to provide sexual favours to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a software company in the hotel, where West Indian cricketer Brian Lara had also made a brief visit as part of his official tour from the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

The police have nabbed one Surakshith Suman, who is said to have facilitated the meeting between the actress and the CEO, in room number “1402”. Confirmation on the room number where the three were found was awaited till late night.

While the overall atmosphere at the hotel was normal, there were some employees who could not conceal the tension. They had probably sniffed the reason behind some of the top police officers entering their establishment.

And the select police officials could not have had a better day to conceal their motive as many other from the top brass of the department were at the hotel attending a private party.

Although an array of police vehicles entered the hotel on Thursday, about four vehicles, including a Gypsy and a Hyundai Accent fled the scene before the others, indicating that some of the cops too were there to party.

When Deccan Herald made inquiries about Suman’s stay at the hotel between 8.30 pm and 8.56 pm, receptionist Rudro, after consulting his computer, said: “The guest you are referring to had checked in at 3 pm and has checked out around 5 pm...”

Police sources, however, said Suman had not left the hotel yet and management had begun the cover-up act.

A little later at 9.14 pm, when Deccan Herald called the reception from the same place and inquired if we could speak with Suman, “the guest”, another receptionist transferred the call to the operator who said: “Sorry sir... the customer you want to speak with has checked out (she gave the same timing).”

On insisting on his room number, the operator transferred the call to Don, who was in charge of the reception. He said: “...Sorry sir, the operator has given you incorrect information. I do not have anybody on the list who matches the name you are stating.”

Repeated inquiries after that only resulted in the hotel denying anybody by name Surakshit Suman had ever entered the hotel.

Even Ravin Nair, the duty officer, denied it. The police later said there were more women found by its second investigating team and that the details will be made public soon.

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