CCTV nails 'toilet thief' in Delhi

CCTV nails 'toilet thief' in Delhi

Jitender Singh, 24, robbed people who came to relieve themselves in the urinal on Najafgarh road near Tilak Nagar police station in west Delhi.

Singh and his associates had recently robbed a person of two mobile phones, a gold chain and Rs.15,000 in cash.

“In order to prevent repetition of such an incident, we decided to install a CCTV (closed circuit television camera) on a tree near the spot and monitored the footage for days,” a police officer said.

According to police, the accused was seen strolling around the spot for nearly an hour Friday. He was also seen going inside the toilet frequently.

“We rushed to the spot and found him hiding inside the toilet structure. He was frisked and a loaded country-made pistol of .315 bore was recovered from him,” the police officer said.